I can’t believe it. The amount of overwhelming support from this community is absolutely heart warming. It brings me great joy to know that I am not alone in my beliefs. On social media, the minority, or those who type the loudest seem to dominate the political atmosphere. Nobody is allowed to have an alternative opinion… ever… apparently. Thank you all so much for signing this petition! Hopefully President Stanley will see this and recognize the negative side effects of his decision.

Next steps…

1. Thank you all for your donations! But please please please put them to better use. I can start a go fund me for children with myocarditis if the community truly wants to help, but all the money you are donating, change.org pockets.

2. If you wish to truly support me, head over to @slackermsu on Instagram and voice your opinions. The students of MSU need to hear all of your voices, we need to inspire them to act.

3. On the topic of social media. Parents who are outraged by these mandates, hear me out. Take this petition, send it to your entire contact list. Send it in Facebook groups, send it to the news, send it to your representatives. The more people that see this, the more people will realize that we are taking a stand, and will join the fight.

No longer should we the people be scared to act, scared to live our lives, scared to voice our opinions. This isn’t a failed state, this is AMERICA. Let’s keep it that way! Keep this going!!!!

-PJ Sarotte