Good Morning MSU Community, I’ve got some great news to bring to you, but first, we have to go over a few things.

Americans Against Forced Vaccination is making massive advancements in our campaign, and we are gaining lots of new members. Our leadership team is looking for individuals who are skilled in finance, website building, and anybody with a legal background. We have joined forces with Gwen Roberts, the President of Turning Point USA at the University of Michigan, as well as Taylor Weinert, the President of Turning Point USA at Oakland University, and last but certainly not least, Amanda Born and Haley Demitrof from Grand Valley State University.

The STUDENTS are taking charge now, and with Amanda’s help, we are going to take control of Michigan, changing our state’s agenda to more closely align with the goals of the people. No longer shall we put short-term medical conveniences ahead of our personal liberties and sacrifices. Once we are able to fight off these mandates on our own fronts, we will begin to branch out to other Universities across this country and continue the fight. In addition to this goal, we will also seek to work side by side with frontline workers in their fight for occupational justice. More updates to come in terms of our creation of an LLC, fundraising, our calendar for this upcoming school year, and much more.


Now the message to parents,

“Ron Armstrong here and I am President of Stand Up Michigan. We are working with Students and Employees on letters that you need to submit immediately and also schedule an in-person meeting with your Advisor or Administration to submit another copy in person. Do not un-enroll or quit. If you are an employee do the same with your HR, Your supervisor, and the Company President. Peter has templates for the letter examples but we have made it simple. Follow the links above and it will auto-fill for you and you will receive a copy of the fully submitted letter in your inbox. You can then forward it to another department head or print it for your in-person meeting. We need to fight, not quit, and if you can get 100’s or 1,000’s they will have to back down or you will have recourse. My email is This has been put together and reviewed by Lawyers.

This is a simple process to send a message to the president of the university, your advisor, or your department head. No matter what other action you take this is important because the science and data included in these letters required them to provide you with answers. You will see samples of the letters at the top of this link and if you want to do a sample fill out your information and send this first email to yourself so that you can get a copy of the letter and see how it will look when they receive it.“

The goal that Ron, myself, and the rest of the organizations who are working together in this fight is to point out the flaws in this unprecedented mandate strategy. What we are going to do is swamp these schools with literature and requests that they do not have the answer to. If they kick us out of school, there will be hundreds if not thousands of lawyers that will put together a class-action lawsuit. Here are the links you need.

The link is also available directly from our home page


Finally, if anybody has any tips on how we could receive donations, please let me know. GoFundMe has taken all of your donations and pocketed them. I do not know how to contact them, and they have banned me from resetting my password. Again, this is why I stress the need for legal support because I do believe there are grounds for a lawsuit here. Thank you all for your unconditional support through these past couple of weeks. We are fighting for YOU. We always will.


God Bless America.

PJ Sarotte(AAFV) – 248.310.9369