“Liberty when it begins to take root is a plant of rapid growth. The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph.”

– President George Washington



Today August 19th, 2021, I come to you with an update of guidance and clarity in hopes to relieve some of the stress that each and every one of our community members has come to bear. To begin, I would like to formally announce that Amanda Born and I will be taking this next semester off to fight this on the ground, hand to hand. Due to the combative nature of gofundme, change.org, and many different social media outlets, infrastructure is being created by Michigan students, for Michigan students. We are in the process of creating a platform that will not be censored, a platform where any and all issues that face the future of this country will be dealt with by future generations. This website/organization will be functional in five days’ time, so look for an update here on how to join that organization, and how to support us moving forward.

Now, it has become apparent that time is not on our side. Our adversaries are working day in and day out to see to it that their agenda, their intrusion on our basic civil liberties as well as our human rights can be accomplished as quickly as possible. I am working with attorney Jimmy Thomas and an MSU whistleblower to put an immediate halt to these efforts. I have received hundreds if not thousands of messages regarding my personal next steps, and it is clear that the community is devoting 100% of their support to our campaign. I thank each and every single one of you for standing tall and firm, as it is of utmost importance to fight for what we truly believe in.

At this time, I will formally be registering for Michigan State University fall semester and providing a religious exemption in hopes that MSU will stand firm on its policies of respecting diversity and inclusion. I encourage all parents, staff, and students to do the same. Here is some guidance in terms of what you should do for your religious exemptions if you have not yet written them. The link to the file for exemption – ( https://msu.edu/together-we-will/covid19-vaccine/exemptions.html ).


We have received numerous reports from students across the state that the religious exemption route is the way to go, as it is much more difficult to deny a human their faith than it is to deny medical reasons. We believe that both of these exemptions should hold the same weight, but it is apparent based on results that most students who have had success thus far stood behind their religious and moral principles. Wholistic Faith is a church that is going to bat for Michigan Students right now and here is their statement.

“As a Christian, you believe that God gave you free will, and through your own will you have chosen his path through Christ. These mandates are meant to take away free will over your own body, which God has made in his image. They seek to pervert his perfect creation and break your spirit through submission to the will of man. Wholistic Faith is not a fake religion it is an adjunct to your current faith. We believe the autonomy of your body and the preservation of its natural form is the ultimate commitment to honor his earthly form. We accept all religions as the faith you’ve been brought up in is the voice through which you’ve learned to connect with your creator.”

This organization through our communication has stated that they are willing to write religious exemptions for you, Michigan Students. All you have to do is email them at Info@wholisticfaith.com and wait for their response. Parents have questioned the validity of a religious exemption that seems to be cut and paste, and to that, Wholistic Faith had this to say.

“We see a lot of concern over: “if the university will be suspicious if a large number of people apply for the exemption from the same source.” Per MSU anti-discrimination policy questioning your beliefs, sincerity of religious bath can be perceived as harassment.   Violating Article 3, item 2, and not allowing access to Univerity facilities and education due to religious belief violates article 3 item 1.”

I hold in my personal belief as well as those of my legal representation that a religious exemption must not fixate on scientific points that can be denied or seen by a tainted administration as false. The best way to defend yourself is to look deep within you and to declare to the University that through your faith, the act of taking this trial vaccine is not in your best interest. Quoting scripture and religious testimonies will only strengthen your argument, and with the numerous amounts of community members in this state and across this nation taking a similar route, the pressure on these institutions has never been higher.

Do not fold to these insidious demands, do not bend or break without just cause. These religious exemptions are only the first step in this fight. I have heard through my sources that accompanied with a massive denial of these exemptions by Universities will be a series of legal proceedings that will be aimed at damages done. I will be writing my exemption today and will make it public tonight because I believe that my own faith, my own understanding of how I want to live my life, will hold the highest ground.


Now, here is a silver lining that all readers of these updates, all supporters of this cause should find great sources of hope within. This morning, I wrote an open and transparent respectfully asking President Stanley to pause and revisit this mandate as well as the policies in the mandate. Here is the email;

“Dear President Stanley,

I/We respectfully encourage you and the board to reconsider your mandated requirements regarding Covid-19 as well as procedures surrounding this mandate. We strongly encourage you to revisit this issue with diversity and change your position on this mandate. We have given a diverse approach to this(strongly recommend) in hopes that you will take a pause and truly act in the meaning of diversity, civil rights, and goodwill.

I/We wish you all and the Spartan nation to remain in good health.


Peter Sarotte(PJ)”

To expand on this silver lining, we have initiated several legal questions to entities which at this time we cannot disclose. As results come forward, we will keep you updated on our progress. Our organization as well as our legal representation feel extremely confident that these inquires are valid by law favoring on our behalf, our purpose of reinforcing our civil rights. Our findings are in the works, and again, our results will be presented as they come forward.

Dear readers, we know you are scared, we know you need a figure to look to. This petition and the organization that is being produced will be your beacon of hope, so look to us.

Special thank you to Ron Armstrong and Tammy Clark for advising me on these movements. You can support their campaign at https://standupmichigan.com Another special thank you to my team at Americans Against Forced Vaccination as well as Michigan Students Take Charge. Parents, look to your kids and thank them for their bravery as we are in uncharted waters, unprecedented territory. Thank you all, community, for your unconditional support through this fight. By the grace of God, we will be victorious. This country will live to see another day, even if we have to fight our way out of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Developments to come, have a great afternoon.

Peter John Sarotte(PJ)